This was my second year having a crack at this rather hilly duathlon and it was well worth it. I had a better road bike this year, making the rough Forest of Dean back roads seem much ‘smoother’. The regular bike riding and fuelling advice from TTG gave me the strength to tackle the hills, even to the extent of overtaking a few riders instead of being constantly passed. 

The ride of 23 miles with 1,900 feet climb is certainly challenging but finishes with a long, long downhill. The race starts and finishes with a 3 mile out and back run. Very thoughtfully, the organisers managed to find a hill to send us all up. Nearly everyone gave it a good go first time round, but after the gruelling bike ride, the second run looked more like a mountain hike and plenty of people were walking. 

It was a well organised, relaxed, family-friendly event, with great facilities at the Taurus Centre for toddlers, parents, grandparents, friends and family members who just want to support. The Taurus Centre opened early and provided hot food and drink, and the swings seemed very popular with the younger ones. Marshalls were only on the bike course at two points and not on the run at all, so keeping your eyes open on the course was important.

A few Tri clubs were represented from Bristol and Wales and it would be a good race to have a TTG ‘team’ presence. Perhaps next year!

Very happy with my result although more impressed by the 72 year old who was just behind me. He did however have Ironman tattoos so clearly he had form!

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