Jon Murgatroyd – Club Chair

Having got into running ~2014 with the 2015 Cheltenham Half my debut race, I dabbled in the world of triathlon during 2016 with my first sprint distance. Being honest, I wasn’t instantly hooked, trying another sprint in 2017 then leaving it for almost 3 years! Early 2020 I tried another sprint distance and started training with TTG, entering my first 70.3 (Titan Brecon) for later that year. However, the pandemic put an abrupt halt on training and the race was postponed. Trying to keep some momentum threw in a couple of sprints in late 2020 before my first Standard distance in 2021.

Until this point I still hadn’t fallen in love with Triathlon, generally being way too nervous before the race and completely hating the race whilst doing it. It took until 2022 for me to finally ENJOY a triathlon during the actual race! That was a big change and since then I’ve enjoyed many races and in 2023 completed one of my dream races, IRONMAN Wales. Safe to say, I’m addicted now and enjoy giving back to the club that’s helped me achieve my goals.

Adey Cole – Club Captain

A relevantly new member to the club, I took up triathlons after playing rugby and other team sports for years previous. An injury moved me from contact sports and I took to running and cycling recreationally and then decided to do one Sprint triathlon, it was only ever supposed to be one.

When I joined TTG I was welcomed by the club and was helped to develop myself for the better. Fast forward a year, and I find myself here, 6 Sprint events, 2 duathlons, 1 standard and 1 middle distance race in the bag, and that’s just the start. This is a great club that helps and supports every ability of club members, something that I wanted to be a part of.

Charlie Barnard – Club Secretary and Run Co-ordinator

I had a go at sprint distance triathlons for the first time around 10 years ago. I’ve always loved swimming, would give running a good go but cycling was not my sport! Completing some charity bike rides to have some goals, including London to Paris and London to Berlin the following year helped change this and led me to ride and race with local club Velo Vitesse. After a serious reversal of favoured sport and running now being my new nemesis, I wanted to have another go at triathlon so got in touch with TTG.

I thought joining the club would be a great way to meet new people and gain from the experience of local triathletes – it is! Joining the committee is an extension of this and as new club secretary, I wanted to be part of the team that help keep a great club running.

Pete Beaumont – Treasurer, Swimming Co-ordinator and Welfare Officer

I joined the club in 2019 as I was keen to add some structure and focus to my training, which at the time was a bit sporadic. The truth of the matter is I that when I joined the club I wasn’t really interested in racing, my only goal was to improve my fitness and then maintain it. TTG has been brilliant in helping me achieve that goal.

My background (a long time ago) was swimming and that’s my most comfortable discipline, hence why I’m now the swimming co-ordinator. I have done some cycling over the years, but I hadn’t discovered the delights of Tri-Bars until I joined TTG. I had also done a reasonable amount of running including marathons and half marathons.

TTG has been great for me, I spent a couple of years swimming training and running training and didn’t feel under any pressure to race. Over the last 12 months I’ve started entering some sprint events and duathlons and completed Outlaw X in Sep ‘22.

I’m planning on increasing the number of races I’m competing in over the next couple of years and I’m keen to encourage and assist others to do the same.

Katie Keates – Vice Secretary and Social Rep

I did my first duathlon in Feb 2017, because a friend persuaded me to join her. I really enjoyed the challenge having done nothing like it before! I then joined the local triathlon club and completed my first 70.3 in 2019. I have since completed several 70.3 distances and 1 Ironman with numerous sprint and Olympics distances in between.

I am not the fastest and am a comfortable “back of the pack athlete” which is fine by me as for me it the finish lines that matter not the finish times! I wanted to join the committee to put something back into a community that has given me so much.

Gordon Saunders – Member Rep

Raced a half decent triathlon once and have been dining out on it ever since!

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Hannah Randall – Welfare Officer and Member Rep

I moved to Gloucestershire after leaving uni and have been a member of TTG for just under 1 year. Having only competed in on Super sprint triathlon before joining, I have really enjoyed learning from more experienced club members and seeing others excel in their races.

When not training (possibly from several injuries at once!) I enjoy cooking/baking and eating the final product! These all come together perfectly on our cafe stops on weekend rides – yum!

I’m really pleased to be Club Welfare Officer as I love this sport and want to help facilitate everyone getting involved safely and positively. Any thoughts or questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Chris Basnett – Website

Signing up for an Ironman off the back of a few pints back in the dark days of Covid, I decided to join the club. Due to a speedbump jumping out of nowhere I never did finish that Ironman but I’ve been knocking around since.

I’m probably best described as jack of all trades, master or none and for my sins I keep the internet hamsters running.

John Holland – Member Rep

I ran my first Half Marathon aged 40. I was cajoled into another. Each time was a little better, and then I got into Marathons. There was a thriving internet rivalry and performances improved over the years. Sub 4 to 3:30 to 3:15. A heck of a lot of work to get sub 3 hours at the age of 48 and I was breaking. So I took time out.

Other folks suggested triathlon. I enjoy cycling, but there was that swimming problem. TTG really helped there. So much so, that I’ve now achieved a couple of Ironman races. For me, it’s not actually about the racing now. It’s the training that is the enjoyment. Yes, there’s still some friendly rivalry, but that’s how performance improvement comes about.