This was a great day out and if you could mix this event with an event at lake 32 it would be unreal.

When I arrived I was a little apprehensive as no one else I knew was taking part.

The location appeared a little under prepared with no clear signs to the car park or Marshall’s as the email had suggested. The registration gazebo was placed strategically in the middle of the field with transition directly behind.

Once registered it was straight to transition as no pre-determined places meant it was a free for all so I headed straight there to get myself set up.

The great thing about this event was the guys floating round with expensive looking camera rigs, and drones taking footage of the day unfolding, if this was added to a cotswold event it would make it immense!

The race itself went way better than I could of imagined, I finished way ahead of my predicted time and swam fairly smoothly which is big props to Charlotte who’s been giving me loads of support at the swim sessions! I came out just behind the main pack and in front of a fair few people still going for it behind me!

I made my way through transition, a little slower than I had planned then headed out on the bike. This was where I really felt good, I managed to pass a fair amount of people across both laps and felt like I cruised at times having to almost hold back as I was conscious of the run ahead… I came into transition and made my way up the short slope to ditch the bike. Slipped on the snazzy trainers and plodded on out.

The run part being the worst section for me as I felt like their was no real pace to it and it was an opportunity for some of the others who I had passed on the bike to brisk on by leaving me to it!

The day finished with a great experience when a guy caught me on the run, asking if I was from Stroud and proceeded to tell me he had followed me in instagram and that it was his first tri, left me with a fist pump and buggered off to the end without me!

#infulencer 😀